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Wicked Problems at 3am

About this project

Working with Dr Patricia Seemann was a real treat. This fascinating woman is working with a team of experienced people from all over the globe, expert in coaching CEOs and executive teams to face the ever increasing speed of innovation and change, disruption and… wicked problems. The term “wicked problem” was coined some years back and describes situations like Afghanistan – where linear problem-solving just won’t deal adequately with the ever-shifting issues that keep coming up to challenge you.

We wanted to capture the feeling that a CEO or senior executive might have when they wake at 3am with something really challenging on their mind. You’ll know that feeling even if you aren’t a CEO… many of us know EXACTLY what it is like to be troubled by an intractable problem that is not easily solved. And it always seems worse in the early hours.

We chose a penthouse location in East London to film our interview and illustrative content. Dr Seemann was very patient while we set up our lights and tracks to capture the imagery that we thought would bring the right atmosphere to the film. Our interview was fun… we could have talked for hours… oh … we did…. Pat Rowe was the lighting cameraman, Simon Pinkerton managed to quieten the fish tank without turning it off (honest!), Ceri Allen was the editor and BDH in Bristol did the post production. A fabulous team as ever. Thanks team!!!