Littlefox Communications specialises in creating innovative film-based content specifically designed to target behavioural change in both public and private organisations.


Introducing Littlefox
The idea is that you will be delighted by what we deliver to you.  You shouldn’t be surprised because we like to work collaboratively, sharing ideas and their development so that you know what we are doing every step of the way.  We use the latest cloud-based collaboration systems to allow us to work with you effectively wherever you are in the world. We can conduct interviews using our global network of broadcast standard film crews without anyone needing to jump on a plane. We can be there for you pretty much 24/7, wherever you happen to be.

Accelerating Performance
You are listening to the voice of Colin Price… the author of Accelerating Performance (check it out on Amazon!)

How about a 100% success rate? That’s what our client got when they chose us to animate a film for them. 100% of potential new clients watched our film contained on a USB business card and called our client back to arrange a further meeting.

The 3am Group
Working with Dr Patricia Seemann was a real treat. This fascinating woman is working with a team of experienced people from all over the globe, expert in coaching CEOs and executive teams to face the ever increasing speed of innovation and change, disruption and… wicked problems.

Global Health Investment Fund
Clean and simple:  presenting the intricacies of the Global Health Investment Fund using animation to great effect.

Introducing MDV
Consultancy MDV feel creative… are creative and wanted a creative look and feel to a film that defines who they are and what they do.  They are great people to work with.

Neuroscientist Dr Julia Sperling asked us to illustrate her film about unconscious bias.  Dr Sperling provides interesting insight into how we leap to judgements and why.

It’s not just a film…. it’s a Littlefox experience.

First of all we make it our business to understand you and your business. We work hard to understand your audience and what might stop them from engaging. When we think we’ve got that straight we think hard about how we can grab their attention – and keep it. Sometimes we wonder whether we are slightly mad – but so far so good! Finding the right illustration “on camera” in combination with the right graphic illustration in postproduction takes time and patience but when it all comes together the combination can really help to land ideas and make them stick.

Graphic Design

We work with a fabulous team of wonderful designers. We’ve been working together since we were at the BBC. New talent is encouraged and developed, new technologies are always being investigated and embraced. We aim to deliver the very best combination of experience and youthful exuberance!

Kimberley Littlemore - Creative Director

I had a fabulous career at the BBC making documentaries, travelling and working with talented people all over the world.  Now I am using that amazing experience to work with others to realise the potential of themselves, their businesses and their ambitions.  I work really, really hard (still!) because I love the craft and intellectual challenge of film-making and  I will be there with you every step of the way.

When I am not working I get out on my boat or go running around the cliffs in pursuit of peace and space.
It feeds the creative soul like nothing else.


Want the Littlefox Effect for your clients or team?


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Littlefox Communications is a trading name of EHDM Ltd
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